Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

Why Put An Insulation Wrap Around Your HVAC Ductwork?

Clarence Gray

If your current HVAC system isn't insulated, then you can add an insulation wrap to your ducts. This wrap goes around your ductwork. Why should you consider adding wraps to your system?

Increase Your System's Efficiency 

Uninsulated ductwork can affect the efficiency of any HVAC system. For example, if your system runs through cold and open areas in your facility, then it will get cold. If you run hot air through the system, then its temperature will be affected. The same thing happens in reverse if your ductwork gets hot when you run cooled air through it.

If your ductwork can't deliver to the right temperature, then you might struggle to heat or cool your facility. Your energy costs might increase if you have to run heating or cooling systems for longer amounts of time to create an acceptable ambient environment.

An insulation wrap makes a piece of ductwork work more efficiently. The wrap prevents hot or cold air from leaking out of the system; it also protects it from external temperatures. Your HVAC system will run more efficiently and be more cost-effective.

Reduce Condensation Problems

HVAC systems can suffer from condensation problems. For example, if some of your ductwork runs heated air through cold areas, then condensation can appear on the surface. This moisture can drop down and make areas under a duct wet. This can create slip hazards. It could also cause serious accidents if moisture drips onto electrical objects or machinery. Plus, the moisture might eventually make parts of your system rust. You might need to make costly repairs or replace parts ahead of schedule.

A layer of insulation wrap reduces the risk of condensation. Here, it would keep heat inside your system and prevent it from creating conditions in which condensation will occur.

Reduce System Noise

Commercial HVAC systems can be noisy. Apart from regular operating noise, metal ductwork can rattle, hum, and make knocking noises. This excess noise can affect people's working environments and their ability to focus on their jobs.

An external layer of duct insulation wrap also has sound control benefits. The wrap will muffle and dampen some of the noise your system makes. Your work areas will be quieter, safer, and more comfortable to be in.

If you're looking for mechanical insulation products, contact an insulation service in your area, such as Breeding Insulation Company, to learn more about ways to use insulation.


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