Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

What to Consider When Choosing a Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild Company

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Hydraulic cylinders are common in many domestic, industrial, and commercial activities. They are used as linear actuators to power machines such as elevators, air control surfaces,  construction equipment, and many more. Like any other engineering equipment, they are prone to wear out or break down, hence the need for rebuilding and repairing. This article explains the factors that create the need to rebuild a hydraulic cylinder and consider before settling on a rebuild company.

What causes hydraulic cylinder malfunction?

The following are some of the probable reasons why you should rebuild hydraulic cylinders:

1. When parts are old and worn out 

The most probable reason your hydraulic cylinder is not functioning optimally is that they have been in use for a long time. If this is the case, you might need to replace your piston and other parts with new ones. 

2. Damages to various parts

Parts such as the seals, barrel, pistons, and other internal components are crucial for the effective working of your hydraulic cylinders. Damage to these parts can result from nuts loosening, dirty hydraulic oil, or other unwanted elements like metal particles falling into the hydraulic system. You should regularly check on all hydraulic parts to ensure they function correctly.

Factors to consider when selecting a hydraulic cylinder repair company

After discovering faults in your hydraulic system, you will need a specialist for repair and rebuilding. The following are some of the critical factors to consider before settling on a rebuild company:

1. Availability of rebuild parts

A good rebuild repair should have all the parts you need for rebuilding readily available. You should not go through the trouble of buying parts from a different dealer and contacting another company for repairs. That may be unnecessarily costly. Additionally, a good company should avail the equipment in time to prevent halting your operation for long, which may cause delays in completion.

2. Capacity to repair

Various companies deal with hydraulic cylinder rebuild. It is imperative to select one that offers the rebuilding services you seek. For instance, if you deal in a very complex and high-volume manufacturing process, you will probably need highly skilled persons and technical equipment for rebuilding. A good company should have the capacity and qualified personnel to deal with the complex nature of your hydraulic system.

3. Value for money

You should get value for money when rebuilding your hydraulic cylinders. If you are paying a considerable amount for repair, the company should provide high-quality services using high-quality parts to ensure you won't need rebuilding any time soon. Additionally, as much as you're keeping an eye on the hydraulic repair budget, don't hesitate to pay a reasonable price for quality rebuilds. 


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