Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

4 Things To Keep Track Of In Your Daily Boiler Room Log To Improve Maintenance & Care

Clarence Gray

If your company depends upon an industrial broiler, you need to make sure that you take good care of your industrial fire tube steam boiler. Part of taking good care of your industrial broiler consists of keeping a boiler room log that you update on a daily basis.

A boiler room log will provide you with data to analyze to ensure that your boiler is working effectively. A log will provide you with a baseline and allow you to more easily identify changes to the function and performance of your boiler.  

The key to an effective boiler room log is to know what you need to keep track of. There is a wide variety of information that you need to keep track of in your logs if it is going to work as an effective baseline for your business.  

Water Level

The water level of your broiler should be tracked at the start and end of every shift. That way, you can see how water level fluctuates over time. There should be marks on your broiler that let you easily see exactly where the water level is at.  

Feedwater Temperature and Pressure

Next, you need to keep track of the feedwater pressure and temperature. The feedwater pressure and temperature directly impacts the performance of your boiler.

Ideally, you want to keep these pressures at a consistent level over time. Your log will help you identify if there are any pressure issues with your water line or issues with your water supply.  

Gas Pressure

Check the gas pressure readings on a daily basis as well. Just like the water readings, the gas pressure readings should remain consistent over time.

If there are changes in the gas pressure readings, you need to examine your gas supply to make sure that it is not leaking gas anywhere along the line. A decrease in your gas pressure could be an indication of a leak somewhere in your system.  

Flue Gas Temperature

The flue gas temperature should be taken as well. When the flue gas temperature increases, that is a sign that scale has built up inside of your machine that needs to be cleaned and removed. Keeping daily track of the flue gas temperature will make it easier to spot when scale has built up, allowing you to address this issue early on.  

In a daily log book for your industrial boiler, you are going to want to keep track of water level, feedwater pressure and temperature, gas pressure, and flue gas temperature. You are also going to want to keep track of oil pressure and temperature, condensate temperature, and any other metric that you can easily measure. This information will provide you with a baseline of data that will make it easier to identify and fix issues with your boiler before they get out of hand.   


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