Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

3 Signs A Boom Truck Might Be Right For Your Project

Clarence Gray

When you think about cranes, you might not usually think about boom trucks. However, boom trucks can be used for many of the things that cranes are used for, and they are sometimes even better for the job. These are a few signs that a boom truck might be right for your project.

1. You Don't Want to Worry About Transportation Issues

One good thing about boom trucks is that they are self-contained units. This means that, unlike with many types of cranes, the crane is actually attached to a truck. This means that you can take a boom truck on the highway and travel at normal highway speeds like everyone else who is driving in traffic. You also don't have to worry about having separate trucks and equipment in order to haul cranes when you have a boom truck. If you are looking to avoid transportation issues, such as if you don't have the right equipment to haul a crane or if you want to be able to move from job to job easily, then you might find that a boom truck is the ideal choice.

2. You're Dealing with Lighter Loads

Of course, one of the disadvantages of a boom truck when compared to other types of cranes is the fact that they generally are not designed to handle the same types of loads that larger, heavier cranes are able to handle. If you are going to be handling exceptionally heavy materials, then a boom truck might not be able to keep up with the job. To avoid damaging the equipment and the materials that are being moved, and in order to focus on safety, it's important not to use a boom truck for loads that are heavier than what it can handle. Consider checking into the weight limits for a few boom trucks; if they work for you, then a boom truck might be a good choice for your project.

3. You'd Prefer a More Comfortable Ride

Sitting in a crane can be uncomfortable, particularly when you are doing it for several hours during a long workday. The inside of a boom truck, however, is a lot more similar to the interior of other trucks. This means that you can ride comfortably while you're operating your boom truck rather than feeling cooped-up and uncomfortable in a more traditional crane.

As you can see, there are various scenarios in which a boom truck might be the right choice for your project. If these three things apply to you, consider looking into a boom truck. Once you do, you might just find that this is the superior choice for the project that you are working on.


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