Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

Protect Your Industrial Systems With Coolant Filters

Clarence Gray

It would be difficult for your business to succeed if you weren't meeting your production goals, so it's important to keep these levels at an optimal level. A critical step in achieving this goal, is making sure all of your equipment is functioning correctly, and one way you can go about this is to rely on a coolant filter. 

Understanding Coolant

Before you're able to fully understand just how beneficial a coolant filter is for your equipment, you have to get a better understanding of just what coolant is. In the average coolant blend, you can expect to find a healthy combination of synthetic machine coolant, an oil and water mixture and then a specific amount of plain water.

It might seem odd that water is added to this formula, but with the water, the coolant is able to perform one very important job – prevent rust and corrosion. The water also helps keep the coolant at a steady temperature, which in turn keeps your systems from overheating. Lastly, the solution will help prevent a fungal buildup.

Coolant Filters Matter

Now that you understand what a coolant is, now it's time to learn what a filter offers. As the coolant cycles through a machine, it comes in contact with various particles. Some of these particles are from the air, such as dust and some are from within the system. The primary problem with this is that these particles don't just settle in the coolant, but as it passes through its cycles, these particles gain access to various parts of the machinery, where when collected in excess, they can cause a great deal of damage.

The primary purpose of the filter is to prevent these particles inside the coolant from making their way throughout the system. When the coolant passes through, these particles will settle on the filter where they will remain trapped until the filter is cleaned or replaced. Providing you are changing the filter on a consistent basis you can keep the particles out and keep your systems operating more efficiently. 

Coolant filters are available in a range of different options and should be selected based on your level of production and the specific types of particles you are trying to keep out of the coolant. To ensure accuracy, it's always a good idea to pair with a professional supplier, such as Hales Machine Tool Inc, to determine exactly what type of filter is going to be best suited to serve your needs. 



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