Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

3 Ways Old Jeans Can Be Used for Home-Improvement Projects

Clarence Gray

As you look through your closet, you will likely find one pair of jeans you no longer wear. It may be hard to part with that special piece of denim, but you would be surprised at how many different ways it can get re-purposed in your home. Whether you're creating products yourself or donating the denim for use in the industry, there are multiple ways to re-purpose denim in your home. Once you learn about these different verities and methods, you will look at your old pairs of jeans in a whole new light. If you're planning any home-improvement projects, check out ways denim can be used through multiple rooms in the home.

Green Spray-Foam Products

Spray-foam insulation is a great way to conserve energy costs and create a stable environment for walls, attics, and other areas. Typical spray foam uses a lot of different chemicals that may be harmful to people, especially those with different sensitivities. If you're looking for a more natural spray foam, then you can consider denim spray foam. The pieces of denim are broken down and mixed with other natural ingredients to create a spray foam that properly insulates your home and has a high energy value.

Just like a pair of jeans can warm your legs, denim spray foam has the ability to cling to walls and keep your home warm. It can be purchased in cans so that you can apply the spray foam on your own. When using these natural products, you can feel safer applying spray foam to your walls. Much like jeans, the finished foam has a blue tone to it, but it goes mostly unseen when placed behind walls and in other places like attics. The denim spray foam can be on areas of your home like cracked windows or small holes where pipes may be located.

Soundproofing Panels

The same type of recycled denim that is used for natural spray foam can also be used for soundproofing panels in your home. The denim is pressed down and compressed to create large panels that are hung on walls. These panels can be used in a place like a home-entertainment room. The panels can help absorb sounds coming from sound systems so that they do not disrupt other rooms in the home and so they eliminate echo noises from sounds bouncing off the walls. The finished panels come in a number of designs. Often the denim can be disguised in different patterns and colors so that they do not look like a pair of jeans hanging up on the wall.

Denim Furniture Pieces

Along with being broken down into small pieces, denim can be cut into strips to create all types of furniture. Based off nylon and wicker designs, pieces of denim can often be woven together to make a pattern for a variety of different furniture pieces. These designs may include end tables, coffee tables, or small footrests to place in front of a living-room chair. If you have enough pairs of jeans, you can actually make these designs yourself. By cutting even strips of denim from pants, you can easily weave them around a table frame and create a unique design.

Using online guides and how-to articles will help you draw inspiration and create unique pieces of furniture for your home. These furniture designs are ideal for covered porches, sitting areas, or a fun area like a child's bedroom. If you use your own jeans to create this craft, it's important to be aware of the color on the jeans and how this will impact the final project.

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