Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

Video Game Lovers: 4 Ways To Work In The Digital Hardware Industry

Clarence Gray

For people who love to play video games, it is a often a dream job to get work in the industry. While playing video games for a living is not the most realistic proposition, there are ways to contribute to the industry with full-time career options. One of these opportunities is with digital hardware. Video games operate using consoles, controllers, and a number of accessories. A lot of these parts are produced using injection molding for plastics. If you're interested in video games, then there are four different careers you can find through recruiters for injection molders. Each of the following careers covers a wide range of talents and can keep you involved in video games for many years to come.


One of the main hands-on careers in the plastic industry is an engineer. Engineers work with various tools and machines that create the parts used for video game controllers, console cases, and other items. Through your training, you will learn how to use an injection molding machine that works with plastics and other materials. As a part of this process, you will learn how to clamp molds, form molds, and inspect items. A lot of engineering jobs involves assembly line type of work, so you will have other employees that are a part of the process. Along with video game parts, you will craft all other types of parts as an engineer. This includes other electronics, car parts, and new inventions. Depending on the company you work for, each day you could be exploring all types of different products and part creations.

Production Managers

As you advance in world of injection molding, you have the chance to get a career as a production manager. As a production manager, you can organize and handle all of the aspects that come with video game part projects. In the beginning, you will work with the design team to see how video game products are developed logistically. As part of your job, you will attempt to make molds with the least waste and the most efficiency through production. For example, if you're working on a video game controller, as the production manager you will decide on the best molding process for individual buttons and the process to get them made. You will then coordinate your decisions with a team of engineers until the project is completed.

Sales & Marketing

If you want to work directly with video game companies, then you can seek a sales and marketing job from an injection molder recruiter. In this position, you will meet with video game hardware companies to sell them on your company and the advantages of using your injection molders. Through this process, you can make deals on video hardware production. Not only does this include mass orders, but you can work with companies on various prototypes for new video game products. This allows you to maintain relationships with companies, sign contracts, and work on promoting your brand. For example, through marketing, you may showcase some of your finished video game products to help entice other companies for signing up with you. A marketing background in college will help you get this type of career and break into the video game hardware industry.

Graphic Finishing

Once plastic parts have been created, many injection molding companies rely on graphic design workers to add the finishing touches. If you have a degree in graphic design, then you can contribute to many of the video game design elements and applications. For example, when controllers are created, you may apply graphic labels to the various buttons. Company logos are often applied to the hardware. This can be done a number of different ways including etching or foil printing. You can explore all of these options and job choices by working with a recruiter for the various companies.

By branching out and seeing what types of jobs are available, you can create unique opportunities for your future career in the video game industry. For more information about jobs in this industry, contact a company like Molding Business Services.


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