Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

Beverage Companies: 4 Pallet Rack Accessories Ideal For Safety

Clarence Gray

A beverage company warehouse is filled with all types of liquids and liquids can create messes. When dealing with liquids and employees, safety is a concern as you want to prevent as many spills and messes as possible. Creating a safe work environment includes the pallet racking areas. When purchasing pallet racking from a company like Commercial Hardware for your beverage inventory, there are four additional upgrades to consider. Each one of these upgrades are ideal for safety and can be specifically applied to all types of beverages. Browse through each of these upgrades and see how they can fit into your warehouse pallet system.

Steel Rack Guards

Beverages are sensitive products that require a lot of care. Carbonated beverages could explode or lose flavor if they are shaken too much. Glass bottles can easily smash and cause a mess. When beverages are stored on pallet racks, you want to protect them from any shaking or unnecessary impact. Steel rack guards can add protection to any area of the pallet rack. These steel guards are brightly colored for visibility and can be attached to areas like corners or bottom bars of the racks. Not only can this help prevent walking collisions with the pallet racks, but it adds an extra layer of protection for machinery like pickers and forklifts. If the machines knock into the rack guard, it will help absorb most of the impact and prevent spilled or damaged beverage products. Steel rack guard post protectors can be purchased to wrap around areas where multiple parts of the rack are exposed. This can make a huge difference in the protection of your pallet rack and beverage products.

Drum Cradles

A number of beverages can be held in specially made drums. This includes multiple types of wines and liquors. If your warehouse is storing drums, then you can keep them stabilized on pallet racks by purchasing drum cradles. Instead of standing the drum up straight, a drum cradle allows it to be tipped on the side and slid into place. Not only does this help save vertical space in your warehouse, but it prevents the beverage drum from rolling or tipping over. The angle of the drum cradle can be adjusted for different sizes and access points. If you rotate drums in and out of your warehouse often, then you can easily purchase drum cradles with rollers on them. This allows you to move the cradle without actually touching the drum. This type of add-on helps prevent fallen drums, leaking liquids, and safety hazards for your employees.

Sump Inserts

When dealing with an inventory of beverages, some leaks are bound to happen. A manufacturing defect or a simple accident can lead to warehouse spills. Instead of letting liquids leak all over the floor, you can add sump inserts onto the bottom of each pallet rack. A sump insert is basically like a giant oil pan for your warehouse. When a spill occurs, all of the liquids will drip down into the sump insert. After the mess is cleaned up, you can simply pull the sump insert out of the racks and drain it in a safe location. The use of sump inserts can help prevent slip and fall accidents or liquids reaching sensitive areas like electrical outlets.

Skid Channel Supports

Sometimes your warehouse may not have everything on pallets or wrapped in boxes. For example, you may have loose sample bottles or overstocked items that need to get pulled. If this is the case, then you can keep all of your loose or smaller items stored in a wire container that is housed on skid channel supports. These supports are composed of two bars that are installed over the regular racking shelves. The supports allow you to roll the wire containers and lock them into position when needed. It is a great way to store cans and bottles safely without any risk of them falling or smashing to the ground.

Contact pallet rack companies to find out pricing estimates and various size options for these accessories. Improving the safety in your warehouse can also help improve the performance of each workday.


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