Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

Finding Better Manufacturing Equipment

LDPE Sheets: Remodeling An Industrial Kitchen

Clarence Gray

If you're looking to remodel a commercial kitchen during the COVID-19 slowdown, you're probably hoping to improve both form and function. LDPE Sheet products can help your commercial kitchen work harder and last longer.

Here are some of the things to consider when choosing and installing LDPE sheet products for a commercial kitchen remodeling project.

Finding Your Fit

LDPE Sheet products come in both pre-cut panels and large rolls. For commercial kitchens, you'll probably need a mixture of both types.

  • Pre-Cut: fabricated LDPE Sheet products are designed to fit a space perfectly. The most common applications for commercial kitchen remodeling projects are lining areas susceptible to moisture damage. For instance, you can order pre-cut LDPE sheet products to line the areas beneath commercial refrigerators, trash compactors, and prep lines. Before ordering your pre-cut LDPE Sheet products, it's important to get your measurements correct. If you're working with a licensed contractor, ask them to use a laser measurement tool to give you the exact dimensions of the areas where you'll use the LDPE Sheet products.
  • Large Rolls: LDPE Sheet products are versatile. You can order large rolls of sheeting to help you provide moisture and chemical barriers throughout your commercial kitchen. For instance, you can use large LDPE Sheets when building new shelving and pantry spaces. LDPE sheet rolls can be cut to line these spaces to make them drier and less prone to cross-contamination. It's important to remember that LDPE Sheet products are not designed for high-temperatures, so keep them away from your ovens, stoves, deep fryers, and heating ducts.

Picking Your Packing

LDPE sheet products are perfect for storing and packing goods. When you're re-imagining your commercial kitchen, you should also consider how you pack and store products in your restaurant.

  • Wrapping Racks: LDPE sheets are extremely pliable and cost-effective. If you've previously relied on cumbersome plastic containers to store your products, you might want to consider building in a wrapping rack into your remodel project. These wrapping racks require the installation of a large rolling spindle and considerable counter space. You can use these wrapping racks to quickly pack and seal products for other dry and cold storage areas. If your commercial kitchen has limited counter space, consider building your wrapping rack so that it can fold against the wall when you aren't using it. Placing these wrapping racks near your storage spaces can also make them more efficient.


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